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- -2. ...2011.06.25 01:34:00
- Edited by: Ivana Drake on 19/02/2011 00:17:45 I have 2 accounts, it's pretty decent for some of the ...2011.02.19 00:12:00
- 2000-2004 was the golden time for MMO variety imo, there was no real standard so people would make w ...2011.02.18 17:19:00
- Buy 2 Estamel's invulns and put them on a battleship drakenow there's an idea!imagine the level 4 mi ...2011.02.11 20:10:00
- I've heard about you. I know the things you're capable of. I suspect that the vote for this 'contest ...2011.02.11 17:44:00
- Deus Ex was pretty mediocre for all the hype it got. ...2011.02.10 00:51:00
- Please look into this.I was in first place decimal with around 45 votes this morning. I am now in 2 ...2011.02.10 00:33:00
- I love your look, it's very uh.. you If you are to believe the guys at "Babes of New Eden" howev ...2011.02.09 17:01:00
- I see it being similar to All Point Bulletin's social district.(and if you didn't play APB before ...2011.02.09 00:36:00
- Not Playing??? *Sigh* there's too much to do to not play -.-I want your optimism. I've undocked mayb ...2011.02.09 00:27:00
- TeraSo many people are excited over this, but my super secret spider senses tell me it's just going ...2011.02.09 00:12:00
- Mods, please, for the love of the new avatars, stick_this_thread.PS: UGLY (100%) CREEPY (100%) VIL ...2011.02.09 00:03:00
- There's only 1 avatar I've seen that can get away with not having a top and that is Sunny Babethe re ...2011.02.08 23:58:00
- BTW, wondering if people have gotten used to my new look yet...I love your look, it's very uh.. you ...2011.02.08 23:32:00
- Edited by: Ivana Drake on 07/02/2011 22:32:27 Saw this face the other day and really liked it. Don' ...2011.02.07 22:31:00

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