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- Heya, really digging the full wide screen. With the interface offset and camera stuff, it makes it ...2010.12.01 03:46:00
- I think LHA Tarawa has done more to bolster the argument for keeping T2 BPO's in the game than anyon ...2010.07.30 12:54:00
- Sproglet was very accommodating and professional during the process, and created my corporation to m ...2010.07.25 16:44:00
- Can you please recode python into C++... its seriously not that hardLOL. You're ridiculous. ...2010.07.08 20:24:00
- Are, if eve wiki is to be believed, 'one time.' As in you can't do another one? As in, once you've ...2010.06.29 05:41:00
- So a couple of months ago, I started running lvl 4 missions. It was great that I finally had the sk ...2010.06.29 04:19:00
- Try EVE MEEP.Not a spreadsheet, but it is a very good tool for industrial planning.Linkage ...2010.06.22 20:25:00
- Don't waste your time on invention. The market is so saturated with T2 inventors you can practicall ...2010.06.22 20:20:00
- Market trading gives the most ISK. I could make billions from it. It really is that simplewith the r ...2010.06.22 15:12:00
- What OP fails to realize is this: isk is a method of valuing goods. It is an aid to trade between ...2010.06.20 02:17:00
- The ISK in the game being circulated was created by Mission runners and Ratters. People want more ...2010.06.17 14:07:00
- No, the OP is saying that only those activities generate ISK into the overall economy (e.g. create I ...2010.06.16 19:59:00
- Who cares?There're enough player that produce robotics and if the prices raise up to hell there wil ...2010.06.16 19:00:00
- I've been looking at the different ways to make isk in EvE. I have determined that there are only 2 ...2010.06.16 18:55:00
- The stupid thing about 0.01 isk game is that is has nothing to do with the omg so praised eve so rea ...2010.06.11 16:43:00

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