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- Hi! If you participated in the mass-test on the 24th February, please reply in this thread to give y ...2011.03.10 21:58:00
- and in tests 64 bit actually get about 20% better performance than 32 bit when using the native ca ...2011.03.07 21:49:00
- Thank you so much for everything, i want to bear your children. I really appreciate all the help. I ...2011.03.07 03:17:00
- Edited by: sHERU on 06/03/2011 18:31:15And in most cases compiling for 64bit is only a flag change f ...2011.03.06 18:29:00
- What are you smoking?I looked at your pros and Cons, and ehmmm I think you really have a distorted v ...2011.03.06 10:18:00
- ...Not to mention that there are many normal dutch names that sound awfully offence to americans?I m ...2011.03.05 00:55:00
- If anything, I doubt CCP will ever implement 3D for us few who have the TV's. They did take out a fe ...2010.06.20 23:32:00
- I started a couple weeks ago, so I'll go through these and debunk some.- cargohold is the most impor ...2010.06.18 20:56:00
- what was the findings for Ores is this going to replace macro miners in belts and see the all down o ...2010.06.08 02:30:00
- have they given you an option to set up for corp or is this just a solo effort by every one?as for t ...2010.06.08 01:50:00
- Edited by: sHERU on 08/06/2010 01:26:16 ahh that is true, never thought about it that way guessing ...2010.06.08 01:22:00
- Or later today if we are talking UTC time...Implying CC's are available before downtime... HiI work ...2010.06.08 00:59:00
- Edited by: Pottsey on 14/04/2010 18:57:18 sHERUsaid "Compared to any other mmo in the market... err ...2010.04.15 00:53:00
- sHERU said ďAnd some pretty awesome claims like 50+k people online at the same time on the same serv ...2010.04.14 14:17:00
- And how many of those 50k people were alts?The truth is that Eve's real subscriber count is much low ...2010.04.14 03:16:00

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