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- God I hope this happens for 1 reason and one reason only. Null sec exits from my wormhole. You have ...2011.08.13 16:13:00
- Edited by: QT McWhiskers on 02/08/2011 07:56:59 Edited by: mkint on 02/08/2011 06:15:03 There's a ...2011.08.02 07:55:00
- CCP, my one question to you is very simple. Will this CSM meeting be broadcast on eve-tv? ...2011.06.27 00:22:00
- I was telling my wife about this MT for non-vanity items, essentially explaining Pay 2 Win, and she ...2011.06.26 14:29:00
- Lately I have been looking over many of CCPs answers to our questions, mainly about the price of thi ...2011.06.26 14:20:00
- Edited by: QT McWhiskers on 25/06/2011 15:35:15 I am a CSR for a fairly large company. There are 3 ...2011.06.25 15:33:00
- It's not a troll in the slightest. I have more money than you in real life, but less time than mos ...2011.06.23 13:59:00
- The problem right now is this. This bulletin, whether true or not, has shown CCP in a very bad light ...2011.06.22 22:52:00
- Bangbros while on the couch? But... my character will still have his pants on though. Note that the ...2011.06.22 02:25:00
- Edited by: QT McWhiskers on 22/06/2011 02:23:59 Bangbros while on the couch? But... my character wi ...2011.06.22 02:23:00
- OK so here is the idea. That big screen in your captains quarters? Yeah lets turn that into a browse ...2011.06.22 02:16:00
- Trying out for a role in tropic thunder? ...2011.06.22 01:37:00
- CCP... Did you change out your finance team? Hire a new director of marketing? Hire new guys who do ...2011.06.22 01:06:00
- Edited by: Biscuit King on 21/06/2011 19:05:14 Op fails to mention if there is a POS.Op fails to me ...2011.06.21 23:13:00
- 100m says they relink the old incarna trailer of the clone getting out of his pod and throwing up. ...2011.06.21 22:07:00

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