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- They should add more outfits, the ones they have are lame. Im a bussiness man and all there is for ...2011.02.11 18:27:00
- wow thanks i just spent 20 mins listening to different sirens on youtube thanks to this thread haha ...2010.11.20 22:19:00
- I just started a new account with power of 2. ...2010.10.10 17:32:00
- someone made a thread about " If the US Congress can pass Resolutions then this Assembly Hall can!"t ...2010.10.04 03:50:00
- This is a good idea. Maybe the different planet types could have different types of people that gav ...2010.10.04 01:42:00
- Edited by: Michael Scar on 03/10/2010 23:20:51 Lol some tiny alliance that held a few systems for h ...2010.10.03 23:15:00
- Its about time someone made a hardcore game for girls. ...2010.09.27 22:37:00
- If you dont mind me asking what is/was the exploit? ...2010.09.27 20:18:00
- What if there was some new pirate faction that busted out. They arnt as big as the other pirates bu ...2010.09.27 20:15:00
- There i was minding my own business, it was my first hulk i was really excited. it took my whole l ...2010.07.26 15:24:00
- LOL poses building poses that will be the day! ...2010.07.04 08:31:00
- The day we traded a Queen for a King!! ...2010.07.04 02:24:00
- Ice cream cake mint chocolate chip, conference room five minutes! ...2010.07.03 20:58:00
- When you mine you need to take into consideration the ammount of isk you would be making if you were ...2010.07.03 20:51:00
- Here is my coin collection:1996 US Mint proof set 1998 US Mint proof set 1998 US Mint Silver proof ...2010.07.03 09:21:00

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