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- Congrats Veekiller!!Couldn't have happened to a nicer fella... I'll be with you shortly!DT ...2010.11.01 03:18:00
- Hello Austeina,I'd suggest you train up learning skills, get used to the game flying missions from a ...2010.06.21 01:21:00
- No. ...2010.04.28 06:04:00
- Hello Binkur,Old Farts corp is a group of mature (25 to 50 yr olds mostly) players who enjoy all asp ...2010.03.14 23:15:00
- Hello Extraho Rector,Old Farts Corp resides in null sec up in Deklein region. We are a versatile gro ...2010.03.08 23:58:00
- Hello all,As an expanding null sec corporation the issue of access to various functions such as labs ...2010.01.04 05:13:00
- Hello Weather Girl09,Old Farts lives and prospers in null sec. We Tick all your boxes except perhaps ...2009.12.29 00:48:00
- Hello James Mathews,We are an all timezone corp based in Deklien region(0.0). We are also a corp tha ...2009.12.22 00:59:00
- Hi guys,Since the Dominion upgrdade, when I switch ships at a POS using ship Maintenace array I expe ...2009.12.15 03:48:00
- Hello ykiv,I believe Old Farts has all the sort of gameplay you would desire. I or my CEO JLSuarez w ...2009.11.17 03:44:00
- Hello Hilder,I believe Old Farts could have exactly what you are looking for. I'll be on around down ...2009.11.17 03:38:00
- Hello Norsk,I believe Old Farts could be what you are looking for. I'll be online around downtime an ...2009.11.17 03:31:00
- Hello Fervent,We have recently moved to Null sec and we are looking to increase our numbers with sui ...2009.11.11 06:25:00
- Hello Totally Sexy...Hmmm, I'm going to have to get used to saying that I suppose!I'll be on around ...2009.11.11 06:10:00
- Hello Desmus Kael,We are a small corp of veteran players just moved out to null sec and looking to r ...2009.11.11 04:59:00

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