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- Edited by: Darcia Engineris on 11/01/2010 11:27:50 Heya Mate, Have a looky at our rec post mate an ...2010.01.11 11:27:00
- bump. ...2009.11.18 14:27:00
- Hey guys, Im looking to buy a char with the skill to create alliances only. I don't want nay other ...2009.11.18 07:52:00
- I wish people WHO HAVEN'T STARTED PLAYING EVE YET knew how much Caldari suck, so they would all pick ...2009.10.24 19:55:00
- Edited by: Mari Seles on 22/10/2009 13:49:29you may have lower resists but now do something else. Ue ...2009.10.23 08:11:00
- 2x v-m15 invulns gets your EM up to 56%. On the Myrm above you have to use energized adaptives and ...2009.10.22 11:33:00
- Maller isn't going to kill anything.Oh and, sensor damps are also subject to range/falloff penalti ...2009.10.18 00:57:00
- duchess your telling me in a month and 12 days u can fly all the ships u listed there?u can fly falc ...2009.10.17 11:52:00
- not at all i agree. But tTo go from un -crackable to being cracked easily is a bit of a shock.caldar ...2009.10.17 07:08:00
- sent ...2009.08.11 15:52:00
- u still looking for coeds fella? ...2009.08.11 15:49:00
- Shadow Legion is recruiting all stealth bomber pilots.Our corp specialises in stealth bomber warfare ...2009.07.24 11:01:00
- We are also in the process of securing a system with some very expensive oree and so any body able t ...2008.06.09 11:31:00
- need to sell fast peeps. ...2008.03.21 22:55:00
- selling 1 x 30 day GTC for 180mil (secure only) Need fast ...2008.03.21 22:15:00

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