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- Edited by: Neurosis on 05/06/2009 05:56:46 Rumor has it that they are guarding an egg in 7X-02R if ...2009.06.05 05:56:00
- IMPORTANT!! Can we please have a 1 hour ceasefire so that I may be able to login?! ok j/kSometimes ...2008.08.10 16:59:00
- I support this effort, NERF interdictors as well, bring them in-line with thier bigger brother the h ...2008.07.26 21:56:00
- NERF IT, NERF the biggest blob creator ever made as well the dictor ...2008.07.26 21:54:00
- bump for the best corp in eve ...2008.06.23 23:39:00
- contacting in-game ...2008.04.23 21:05:00
- recruitment poastStop by and check out our recruitment thread, we are mostly running ops out of synd ...2008.04.23 21:04:00
- Recruitment poastCheck out our recruitment thread and convo me in-game if interested, we do a fair b ...2008.04.23 21:00:00
- Recruitment poastcheck out or post and drop me a convo if interested, gl in your search ...2008.04.23 20:58:00
- I'm wow-free for about the same amount of time, we could like have friday wow anonymous meetings an ...2008.04.23 20:55:00
- best place to contact us is through convo, you can talk to any of the following peoplejliznel (recru ...2008.04.23 20:48:00
- My super fluffy friends and I are recruiting in a little nook of the universe called The Placid(TP) ...2008.04.21 13:56:00
- 2.5 for lacking the pizazz of former MC announcements 1.5 for the poor attempt at humor 1.0 for ...2008.03.22 20:13:00
- excellent service, moved a very substantial amount of cargo worth a very substantial amount of isk f ...2008.03.10 03:30:00
- sure I'm willing to part with it but fo ...2008.02.18 08:39:00

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