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- Ohhhh I understand this now haha, sucks that happened ...2008.10.30 22:09:00
- waaaaaaaaaaat ...2008.10.30 21:48:00
- lol im seriously sorry for starting this haha i love eve lol *facepalms for title of thread ...2008.10.30 20:55:00
- perhaps my title came off wrong or is just the normal fanboy jerkoff behavior... i was just curious ...2008.10.30 01:31:00
- A game I am watching as direct competition to eve is Infinity the Quest for earth, especially sinc ...2008.10.30 01:28:00
- not trolling, just curious about others opinions ...2008.10.29 02:00:00
- just specaulation. .5/10 very bad troll ...2008.10.29 01:59:00
- Hrmm... all of you should play the Infinity quest for earth combat proto ;p look into that game.. th ...2008.10.29 01:58:00
- IQFE, eve just about with planetery interaction, twitch combat, and all the goodies from my knowledg ...2008.10.29 01:56:00
- that... is amazing.. no joke that was excellent ...2008.10.28 02:37:00

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