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- Our goal for the Sleepers was to make each encounter more like a PvP battle, so if you bring a sol ...2009.02.06 19:20:00
- Download all the music, play it on another program in the background, and turn your Eve audio off. ...2009.01.26 23:25:00
- You started THAT early and that's the best name you came up with? ...2009.01.07 03:52:00
- To conclude - don't hate me now, I have always been better than you. Now I just have the ninth di ...2009.01.06 17:42:00
- What I'll never understand...exploiters benefited... their friends, corps, alliances benefited... ...2008.12.16 22:08:00
- And your definition of "considerable and far reaching" is based on what meter? Only when it is the e ...2008.12.13 21:55:00
- To CCP - What assurances do players have that their game play, their time, and their hard work and e ...2008.12.12 22:38:00
- I AM looking at the big the sheer amount of man/hours that would be wasted tracking dow ...2008.12.12 22:24:00
- The difference is, they are NOT, as you obliquely suggested earlier (any many others have as well), ...2008.12.12 20:59:00
- I don't expect anything from CCP. It's been quite obvious over the years they won't do a damn thing ...2008.12.12 20:49:00
- Edited by: Pithecanthropus on 13/12/2008 16:45:35 This matter will be brought up at a CSM and CCP m ...2008.12.12 20:38:00
- 2) Please prove a link between this exploit and the introduction of "alchemy", and it better be go ...2008.12.12 20:24:00
- Was justice done? Were the exploiters acting immorally or were they merely acting in an immoral env ...2008.12.12 19:09:00
- The effects of our actions against the exploiters will also be felt on the market as the production ...2008.12.12 18:48:00
- If it turns out to be 4 years old then my faith in CCP has been really shaken to the core. I reall ...2008.12.11 18:45:00

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