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- Dont tell me the riots hit the London Servers, NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo ...2011.08.10 01:03:00
- You Ready to join the Storm?If you are active and on a full account check us out public channel The ...2011.01.29 11:19:00
- Rhianna ...2011.01.27 23:05:00
- If i had the isk!!!!! if only!!!!!Nice awesome toon bumpage!!! ...2011.01.20 11:42:00
- We should talk, contact me ingame ...2011.01.20 11:29:00
- I've only been playing for 3 weeks. Based on my own judgement, I decided to concentrate on developin ...2010.11.25 13:13:00
- Does this mean then that learning implants are still valid?P.S. Awesome idea btw, we need more peopl ...2010.11.25 13:00:00
- For all the bashing CCP takes, I think they do in an incredible job.I was very impressed when CCP ma ...2010.11.25 12:57:00
- So I have a neural remap available now, if I use it does this mean that after the learning skills re ...2010.11.25 12:55:00
- How does this effect the full set of +5's i have? ...2010.11.25 12:40:00
- Tereliss Verr 1,3,4,5,10,13,21,26,29,33,35,48,87,92,106,109,116,123,141,160 ...2010.11.25 09:24:00
- I have downloaded said patch, it did nothing, I uninstalled it and still nothing, I reinstalled it a ...2010.10.05 11:40:00
- Well if you have worked the magic CCP all good, was getting to the point of suspending my accounts u ...2010.10.05 11:32:00
- Still no patch notes!!And is the issue of EVERYONE appearing neutral just me? I have odd players tha ...2010.10.05 11:27:00
- Oh joy another patch I have just seen, waits with baited breath!!!! ...2010.10.05 11:20:00

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