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- Personally I seriously don't understand it as imho it's ****e. ...2011.05.14 00:39:00
- TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO GET A JOB. ...2011.05.05 23:02:00
- Judging by the number of low sec pirates I see flying Hurricanes, I would have to go with that - unl ...2011.05.04 20:03:00
- It's hard for me to grasp that ppl seem to measure everything in isk/hour or so called e-peen (tha ...2011.05.02 20:28:00
- I used to do c3 WH anom in a drake with TSM @ lvl4, and often sat around with shields hovering at ...2011.05.02 14:05:00
- Can someone tell me what the OP is going on about? Is this an "I'm not getting enough attention for ...2011.05.02 12:47:00
- No, I didn't contradict myself. You did. Read back what you said. Logic 101. If the Americans ...2011.05.01 17:45:00
- I'm the idiot? You're the one who was suckered into that crapGrow a pair, learn to say no. It'll tak ...2011.05.01 16:45:00
- I don't know, because there isn't a reason to?Precisely my point. ...2011.05.01 15:45:00
- Also, American media attention for the royal wedding does not equal American interest in your roya ...2011.05.01 15:33:00
- Edited by: Montgomery Crabapple on 30/04/2011 23:39:58 We haven't had a good regionalisation whine ...2011.04.30 23:39:00
- You mean kind-of like this? ...2011.04.30 23:33:00
- There are loads of empty WHs on SiSi . ...2011.04.29 19:58:00
- Pilgrim would be ideal. With with 1600 plate, cap booster, tracking disruptors, etc. Like this, ex ...2011.04.29 19:14:00
- convo victoria ehr in game.Really? Are you really this dumb, Victoria? How are you going to solicit ...2011.04.29 16:49:00

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