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- Please stop typing if you have no idea what you're talking about :S ...2009.11.26 01:11:00
- Did anyone else salivate over that trailer? So awesome it gave me goosebumps. ...2009.11.25 19:26:00
- we're still too busy marveling at how awesome we are for gathering enough pets and allies to finally ...2009.11.13 03:16:00
- Field commands simply suck for the amount of skills you need to train one, like OP said. The skill p ...2009.11.13 01:15:00
- Stop being an idiot and train your alt army into logistics ships. 6 repper drones aren't going to do ...2009.11.13 00:54:00
- Edited by: Kuzya Morozov on 12/11/2009 00:45:48 thank you for all the confirmations. can i expect t ...2009.11.12 00:45:00
- Bought the game, finished in 3 days, played through playthrough 2 in 3 days, completely bored of it ...2009.11.11 19:05:00
- internet fight, go! just look at how seriously you take this video game, nerds. ...2009.11.11 05:55:00
- I don't understand why people make these threads. I know you just want to express your opinion, but ...2009.11.11 05:32:00
- aaah fu you made me listen to ghosts again :P ...2009.11.10 14:02:00
- posting in a highly original thread ...2009.11.07 22:59:00
- If he's using torps, say, explosive, with above average skills (but not all 5), with webber drones, ...2009.11.07 06:21:00
- So you wanna NOS it down and only attack by Ogre drones? You think the DPS is enough when only using ...2009.11.07 06:09:00
- Damage Control II Armor Explosive Hardener II Armor Kinetic Hardener II Energized Adaptive Nano M ...2009.11.07 05:53:00
- And he said im not allowed to use more than 1 NeutFunny how he has to set restrictions on being "tot ...2009.11.07 05:41:00

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