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- How do you handle full room aggro bugs in lvl 4 missions? ...2007.05.25 20:19:00
- Online and no problems.Drat, just me. ...2007.05.02 13:16:00
- I really like the way you are approaching this problem but there is on big problem with your suggest ...2007.05.02 13:15:00
- Not seeing any threads about it so I'm guessing the problem is on this end, just want to be sure. ...2007.05.02 13:04:00
- Edited by: Jollyreaper on 01/05/2007 20:51:04CCP was kind enough to already include special weapons ...2007.05.01 20:54:00
- I'm having a hard time figuring out if this thread is supposed to be anti-blob, anti-POS, anti-roids ...2007.05.01 20:51:00
- Edited by: Mrmuttley on 29/04/2007 18:46:47 Suiciding a freighter takes organisation and timing. Es ...2007.05.01 19:26:00
- the cans are made so that people that dont mine can get free oreminers ritually donate the ore to an ...2007.05.01 19:06:00
- I just cant waite till i can sit in a POS gun and shoot at people manually.But does anyone really fi ...2007.05.01 19:04:00
- I think its right-click -> update skill training info Just clicking the icon doesn't work, but I ho ...2007.05.01 18:51:00
- I can agree with the idea that the idea of roleplaying allows for all types of behavior, good and ev ...2007.05.01 18:44:00
- Current skill training seems to have an updated xml within seconds of the skill change. You just nee ...2007.05.01 17:46:00
- Edited by: Lord WarATron on 01/05/2007 16:01:31 I can see where this is going. Wipe out local icefi ...2007.05.01 17:42:00
- I see where your coming from, but implementing this would be allmost imposible. Apart from the issue ...2007.05.01 17:27:00
- So... 300 man fleets are gonna stop forming if you blow up all their belts? PVP fleets? Errr? No, th ...2007.05.01 17:18:00

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