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- Seems like normal and proper thing for CCP to do. The policy is to only reimburse errors on their en ...2011.03.31 12:22:00
- I was just thinking today that I pay for 3 accounts that I mainly skill up without playing much.I ...2011.03.31 12:19:00
- Botters are feeling some heat but does not look like too frightening to them... bob_smith *censo ...2011.03.29 16:47:00
- Photograph of a tit.I fail to see why this should be censored. ...2011.03.05 12:21:00
- I take it they don't serve asparagus at CCP restaurant... ...2011.02.17 10:44:00
- If this works so well why don't members of 0.0 alliances do it to their enemies? You would think the ...2011.02.15 08:20:00
- wtf is a SOLDER ...2010.08.25 12:53:00
- Rolled an update out which should solve all these issues. Please let us know if you encounter anymo ...2010.08.13 12:16:00
- This will probably get deleted but basically was told this by a senior GM:The game mechanic you are ...2010.08.12 23:22:00
- One of the webservers hosting EVElopedia went all spiffy, and its monitoring also went all spiffy (t ...2010.08.11 02:18:00
- Hi, I've been looking to contribute a bit to the evelopedia, as I did before I took a break from eve ...2010.08.11 02:15:00
- P.S. How long do you think it would take me to acquire one? (I've been playing for about 12 days n ...2010.08.09 12:14:00
- I believe they come from the NPC faction Mordus Legion,LP store.This is right, be aware there is onl ...2010.08.09 11:47:00
- I made mine ages ago.. and i hate it now! At least if I could make this starting number a letter, li ...2010.08.08 22:40:00
- carebears got the hell nerfed out of them in this expansion, only fair that the gankers eat a littl ...2010.05.28 09:58:00

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