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- There is also The Art of EVE. ...2010.07.05 20:45:00
- One Society of Conscious Thought Cruiser please. :) Commonly seen in the end missions of the origin ...2010.07.04 20:09:00
- How much is it usually for a flight from the UK with the hotel and tickets? I know they do a bundle ...2009.12.13 20:30:00
- Back in the old'en days, it used to be that when you killed someone/something they would leave a jet ...2009.04.29 14:18:00
- Maybe its because EVE is not exclusively for Windows?!?I could imagine MS insisting on something lik ...2009.04.27 19:55:00
- It doesn't really do anything for PC gaming anyway, so what's the point in wasting the money? I gue ...2009.04.27 19:13:00
- I noticed this photo taken by CrazyKinux at last years Fanfest (Linkeh) and was wondering why the de ...2009.04.27 18:49:00
- Edited by: Xenoxide on 26/04/2009 22:02:50 Is the Chinese government seriously censoring EVE? For ...2009.04.26 22:02:00
- The blue bar is teh win, fits in with those on the fitting screen.I see CCP making all bars like thi ...2009.04.16 22:16:00
- I like it. It should stay.It fits in with the bars on the fitting screen. ...2009.04.16 22:12:00
- Edited by: Xenoxide on 14/04/2009 06:48:21 it's stated on the back of the box, in the middle bottom ...2009.04.14 06:48:00
- As said, when one probe gets a hit that gives you a sphere. It signifies the distance from the probe ...2009.04.11 15:05:00
- as i've said elsewhere, this app makes me hate my iphone less.This app makes me LOVE my iPhone MOAR! ...2009.04.10 09:59:00
- We can argue about the exact timeline for reaching the correct price and what (if anything) needs to ...2009.04.10 09:56:00
- I've taken a nice passive omni-tanked Drake in and was quite pleased with it's performance. Had 5 H ...2009.03.31 13:21:00

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