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- I really enjoyed it....right until the end when I saw EvE.. it's EVE dammit!But really nice video ...2011.08.12 22:27:00
- CCP seem to run them every so often, sometimes after a big expansion IIRC. I couldn't wait for that ...2011.08.08 11:18:00
- Gonna try that today.. I reckon there's an Avatar up there at least ...2011.08.05 08:55:00
- .. and I had something that looked like a Dominix fall out.True story. ...2011.08.04 12:56:00
- ♪♫ I never wanted anybody else.. when I think about you I touch myself.. ♫♪ ...2011.08.01 22:10:00
- While any update to the spaceship side of things is always good, whinging because CCP have been focu ...2011.07.09 08:00:00
- If CCP used their trailer making expertise in this it would be awesome! I would love to see an EVE m ...2011.04.05 12:26:00
- Hi allFor the past few years I've been using the Eve iMonitor plugin for my iGoogle homepage. Origin ...2011.03.30 19:12:00
- I want that free, genuine, unused copy of Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit + Service Pack 1 from my frien ...2011.03.23 08:23:00
- Due to not wishing for anything, the poster above ragequits after also forgetting to log out of eve ...2011.03.12 22:56:00
- I have zero video editing skills, but I'd love to see a video in response to this that would demonst ...2011.02.27 11:08:00
- Okay I may be missing something here, but I thought we already had 5 subsystems?Defensive, Electroni ...2011.02.24 13:26:00
- Edited by: Vagilicious on 04/02/2011 09:05:31 True to my word, I've sold the WH to Shynne for 500mi ...2011.02.04 09:05:00
- I was serious with the pod suggestion idea though, it would make for a kickass EVE gaming setup.Woul ...2011.02.03 15:38:00
- 600m is overprice, 400m is undercut. 500m is a fair price for a system like this if you ask me!Thank ...2011.02.03 15:31:00

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