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- You can view any corp/alliance's current wars via the Corporation tab in game, select the Wars tab, ...2009.02.12 05:38:00
- OK, so warp in, hit the disrupter if in range, MWD towards target, start firing (on general principl ...2009.02.12 05:32:00
- You forgot the Vexor. Pumps out 400+ dps, can fit a buffer tank slightly lower than the Ruppie, and ...2009.02.12 05:07:00
- My number one tip?Always remember there is no such thing as a "fair" fight. If someone is engaging y ...2009.02.12 03:27:00
- In my experience, that's highly overrated. Most of the targets that are going to see a HAC on scan a ...2009.02.12 03:22:00
- Heya guys,I'm looking for a started miner character. I'd like a character that can fly at a minimum ...2009.01.26 09:00:00
- Edited by: Manipulator on 14/01/2008 06:36:421) Get a cheap frigate. I have a stack of Rifters2) Tra ...2008.01.14 06:51:00
- All the advise in this thread is fantastic. For a low sp pvp character Gunner Cids Rupture setup is ...2008.01.13 15:08:00
- My guess is that if you had AFs with reduced mass, all the sudden you would see Nano'd AFs that woul ...2008.01.09 13:48:00
- Recently a Heavy Interdictor class ships were introduced. Due to this the blockade runners became a ...2008.01.09 04:34:00
- Setup 2 looks like this: Same Highs Mids - MWD, T2 point, 2x LSE II's, 1x T2 web, 1x T2 Sensor Boo ...2008.01.08 19:27:00
- Usually I'm above mocking spelling mistakes and all of that, but this one is just a tad too luring.S ...2008.01.07 16:28:00
- 1) The nanofiber craze. The sheer amount of people depending on something so easily counterable with ...2008.01.07 16:26:00
- I'd say it depends.If you have a fast ship with you, let him worry about getting in range to web. Y ...2008.01.07 02:15:00
- If a nano ship gets webbed by a raven they deserved to die. ...2008.01.07 00:35:00

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