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- the reason you're being flamed is because you pointed out to a bunch of junkies that their drug of c ...2010.03.26 00:31:00
- I'd say understanding the psychology behind MMO design is the best way to understand why it's rigged ...2010.03.25 22:20:00
- My wife plays video games with me all the time, and all I have to do is to sex her up a few times a ...2010.03.24 19:59:00
- I'll just leave this here... ...2010.03.16 19:31:00
- Soooo...I had an exciting morning when I tried to update my ALSA driver via a probly outdated script ...2009.12.25 22:36:00
- Edited by: Thargorr on 25/12/2009 08:09:04 Hey guys...I'm trying to get my girlfriend into EVE. Sh ...2009.12.25 07:50:00
- All those are great, but you forgot the psychotic megalomaniac leaders. You know, the guys that keep ...2009.12.11 21:37:00
- I'd say pre-nerf Myrmi, although nowadays being buried with a Myrmi is probly appropriate... ...2009.12.11 21:09:00
- 2.5 years is considered a vet now is it?Feck. My main joined in Red Moon Rising and I don't conside ...2009.12.11 15:37:00
- The interesting thing is that the idea that biological/computing entities project the universe is in ...2009.12.10 15:30:00
- To measure anything’s position precisely, at any given instant, is to lock in on one static frame of ...2009.12.10 14:23:00
- Biocentric theoryIs the web possible without the spider? Are space and time physical objects that wo ...2009.12.10 14:18:00
- That is YOUR interpretation of what was written. Simple words like trick and decline can vary greatl ...2009.12.07 16:00:00
- Take high school econ, THEN whine. It's only a half-year course after all. You get to spend the se ...2009.12.07 15:37:00
- Cause they scanned you and not the billion isk ship...Why bother scanning when they can hit you on t ...2009.11.20 21:41:00

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