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- I dont know if this will help others with this problem, but nVidia have just released the latest dri ...2011.05.13 23:51:00
- Yea mine is flickering as well. I will try fixed mode and see if that fixes it. ...2011.05.12 21:53:00
- Same. I just returned to the game after being sent an email letting me play for 5 days and whenever ...2011.05.12 21:46:00
- I just received an email inviting me back for 5 days and when I tried to log in to my main character ...2011.05.12 20:40:00
- Geez you really would have thought after the last debacle with the Migration's constant time changin ...2010.06.29 15:50:00
- It is clearly obvious by what you wrote here that you did not read what was being requested at all.1 ...2010.01.23 05:36:00
- Well no we dont feel bad for proposing it. Our corps wants an equal mix of both male and female play ...2009.12.02 06:26:00
- One girl in a corp of 300? Maybe if you all had just concentrated more on playing the game and just ...2009.12.01 19:23:00
- Edited by: Tigrison on 01/12/2009 02:00:47 You're new to the interent, are you?No. I have been on t ...2009.12.01 01:59:00
- Firstly this has NOTHING to do with a “flirt service.” If you want to flirt, then go join a dating w ...2009.12.01 00:27:00
- Edited by: Tigrison on 30/11/2009 14:36:35 There are quite a few players I have spoken to recently ...2009.11.30 14:16:00
- Please could you change the link between blocking someone and emails being deleted please! This is r ...2009.11.22 14:50:00

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