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- SupportI verbally count out loud as I hit zeros. Oh god, with full director. Give me M's and B's ple ...2011.06.18 04:45:00
- Heading out to the bar. Remember, only wusses from the south whine about snow.I'll be wearing my fau ...2010.11.14 22:51:00
- I'll be coming. Trying to lure some of the Wisconson Goons too :D ...2010.11.07 17:04:00
- For the character 'Evarcha Arcuata' ...2010.05.28 00:16:00
- Thaadd Sligo ...2010.01.07 02:41:00
- Yep. And we had 9? people there. Would be nice to have more people. Is funny that most of the peopl ...2009.11.01 23:09:00
- Ok,Next meetup - Sunday October 18th. Chatterbox Cafe in St. Paul (google it) - because at least one ...2009.10.22 15:52:00
- OMG Goonies :)I am trying to plan something for Jan, likely a bigger thing (2 days, goonmeet for one ...2008.12.06 18:32:00
- Pretty sure we were promised something along the lines of T2 veldspar quite a long time ago in 0.0 t ...2008.12.03 13:54:00
- sent.... ...2008.11.27 18:19:00
- Ok, a bit short notice, but hey (will post in the MN channel in game, as well) planning is overrated ...2008.09.04 18:19:00
- Trying explain to people, what counts as ammo, what doesn't, that stupid autoload of trit....This ch ...2008.07.30 17:51:00
- I will be at the bar at 5pm. I know at least one person could not show up until 7pm. I will still be ...2008.06.15 19:08:00
- Ok, calling something for a bar - Grumpies, on 1111 Washington Ave in Minneapolis. Sunday the 15th J ...2008.06.08 22:22:00
- Ok...Well, I guess there is a bunch of things going on on Sunday, birthdays, family ****, etc... So ...2008.05.01 18:45:00

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