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- I also own a Katana, but I can't seriously claim that it's more efficient than a firearm. It isn't a ...2010.02.18 07:07:00
- you won't be better off anywhere. Honestly, new countries are awesome for a month, then agonizing fo ...2010.02.15 20:29:00
- huh i didnt even notice... ive been so busy making out with my supermodel wife... she just got done ...2008.10.28 18:35:00
- Earth Scientist have just released a Picture of a Massive Explosion caused by an unknown object as s ...2008.10.28 17:30:00
- (wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man?OMG FAMILY GUY REFERENCE YOU WIN EVE. ...2008.10.28 17:22:00
- CCP are considering changing how the local chat window is going to operate:http://myeve.eve-online.c ...2008.10.27 17:08:00
- you all have nothing to complain about, i'm stuck in minmatar space and the locals look hungry rvald ...2008.10.27 05:05:00
- In all honesty i think they should spend more time fixing things first and leave things like T3 ship ...2008.10.26 00:28:00
- All of you haters make me rage.Am I the only person who is perfectly content with EVE and how they a ...2008.10.23 19:48:00
- "cut the blue wire""safeties on see?""That dress you wore last night made you look fat" ...2008.10.23 02:12:00
- have you considered the RL job of RENT-BOY i have read in the press it can be well paid... or how ...2008.10.22 18:58:00
- I am waiting for the January liquidation sales to pick up a few gadgets. Yes I grabbed all of my gea ...2008.10.22 17:28:00
- I like these ideas from the OP. Lets move forward with them immediately.Jolly good, righto chap, AW ...2008.10.22 17:26:00
- Anyone else have this game. I started playing it today, and I have to say, it was one of the reasons ...2008.10.22 17:19:00
- Id also like to add, i get warranties on everything I buy, and although PCCHIPS used to be known for ...2008.10.22 17:17:00

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