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- Yea buts thats gallente - which is almost as bad.We take for example the 'Ginger Magician' who flys ...2006.12.11 21:02:00
- Edited by: Harsibash on 11/12/2006 20:56:22 The problem with stealth bombers is they align and move ...2006.12.11 20:53:00
- So many points to address in this topic.Edited by: Kha0s on 11/12/2006 20:23:54I went straight into ...2006.12.11 20:45:00
- this is getting ridiculous, all 3 posts ive seen about 'ship range nerfs' are about caldari - these ...2006.12.11 20:20:00
- This is my alt, i created her to shuttle items for my main as for a period of time i couldnt enter e ...2006.12.06 05:28:00
- Fit a webber and a medium nosferatu (or 2).You will neveer loose to frigate like this, 2 nos will d ...2006.12.03 00:10:00
- Edited by: Harsibash on 01/12/2006 04:52:41 I loved posts by galleteans, its always about how hard ...2006.12.01 04:51:00
- Everytime someone fits rails to a ranis, god pods your dog.Its is NOT fast enough to maintain range ...2006.11.23 05:06:00
- Use Scanner, Use Local - L2P.failing that buy and assault frigate, very few people **** with you in ...2006.11.15 22:51:00
- Stop putting autocannons on your sabre's please kids :/ - Get as many T2 280's / 250's on as your fi ...2006.11.11 19:49:00
- Well you can use your drones at that range, but: a) It takes an age for your drones to get there, we ...2006.10.24 01:45:00
- dl'ing... i SOOO hope this is a nano phoon ...2006.10.18 01:58:00
- Its InFlames, Trigger (from Reroute to Remain), then My Sweet Shadow (from Soundtrack to your Escape ...2006.10.18 00:38:00
- I was going to download this, but then i remembered i hate Domi vid's XoECM/Nos/Drone boats are very ...2006.10.16 13:48:00

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