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- Well, while the OP is on a tearful emo rant I can full well understand their frustration.PI flat kil ...2010.10.09 00:19:00
- I ran into one of my old alliance executors in another game (no, not World of Woecraft) and we got t ...2010.09.10 08:55:00
- 1. click 2. click 3. click 4. click 5. ????? 6. Carpal tunnel syndrome 7. ctrl-Q PI has simply ...2010.09.05 21:23:00
- I actually burn through angel missions faster with my Paladin than I do against Blood/Sansha. Likew ...2010.08.28 10:34:00
- It's an oversized Tormentor.And if you view the trailer 'Eve Never Dies' you'll see it briefly durin ...2010.08.27 21:20:00
- Just a friendly remind from the EULA 7.3. You may not use your own or third-party software to modify ...2010.08.25 23:08:00
- I had to almost completely stop PI because of the same issue. My arm started hurting since few days ...2010.08.25 23:06:00
- If memory serves, Eris was the designer of the skill queue, which, in my humble opinion, is the next ...2010.08.10 22:09:00
- Here's a question, concerning 'sharing'...Now, I've got a co-worker or two that I've suckered into t ...2010.08.02 22:31:00
- Been saying this for 5 years now... persistent flags per corp member.Wholly supported. ...2010.08.01 18:39:00
- Edited by: I SoStoned on 28/07/2010 12:28:32Imo the "issue" with destroyers is pretty much the same ...2010.07.28 12:27:00
- Please.Something.ANYTHING, but not 18 months from now. My wrist is killing me!Six years playing eve ...2010.07.27 20:25:00
- No mention of inventory handling UI, specifically corporate.Market Deliveries hangar needs sorting f ...2010.07.27 19:47:00
- Had this idea years ago, but you see how far it went.Essentially a modified cloak that uses a script ...2010.07.25 13:12:00
- Agreed and supported.Unlike others, however, I would not minding having the option to r-click and ei ...2010.07.23 12:22:00

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