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- OMG OH NOES!! :( Remind me which company doesnt spend 30945935 years on a project :P, take Diablo II ...2010.03.14 12:50:00
- 1. Who really reads local 2. You can block 50% of Jita and still local will be flooded 3. Who real ...2010.03.14 10:10:00
- Edited by: Alchemist''s Alt on 14/03/2010 08:26:20 wow talk about difficult ways to doing this :/Ma ...2010.03.14 08:26:00
- I went Apoc, the 65km range with Scorch made it an excellent PvE ship, I have never been in any T3 B ...2010.03.13 23:26:00
- Send me the 5 million and I will triple it ...2010.03.13 23:23:00
- Chances are they probably need to verify its you so you might want to check your phone, well thats w ...2010.03.13 23:17:00
- This may come as shocking to well everyone haha but I actually enjoy blob (with out lag) warfare AND ...2010.03.13 23:15:00
- Skill time I 'wasted' was learning BC 5 in my implant free clone (I know yeah) and energy emission s ...2010.03.13 23:10:00
- I noticed no one plays between 11am ->> 12pm, I believe the recent T3625 items released on WoW may b ...2010.03.13 22:57:00
- Edited by: Alchemist''s Alt on 13/03/2010 19:43:45 Amarr has Chribba in all his glory. End of disc ...2010.03.13 19:30:00
- Ok so if I was a trader Caldari space would be the best place for me to live, but what benefits woul ...2010.03.13 18:57:00
- i dont even have a mil of skill lol xbecause you're nothing but a troll account for some guy in his ...2010.03.13 18:50:00
- Doesnt the ingame vent thingy cause crazy lag? ...2010.03.13 17:00:00
- eagle = fail not being on voice comms = fail not knowing how the overview works = fail thinking a ...2010.03.13 16:51:00
- violence is no the solution true but violence get **** doneNahh history / psychology is proof of tha ...2010.03.13 16:48:00

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