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- The problem is that mission rewards are dynamically determined and new missions start off at the min ...2011.09.01 13:29:00
- Hi! Just to reiterate a couple of points ...1) EHP is not really relevant for PVE. In PVE, what matt ...2011.06.21 19:58:00
- Well ... in low sec and null sec people can blow you up without Concord interference. No matter what ...2011.06.20 18:14:00
- I've never seen different named levels of havens or sanctums though each of these can come in two di ...2011.06.20 14:08:00
- EVE Online runs on a PC or a MAC ... under Windows or OSX. (and in some cases Wine under Linux)Every ...2011.06.07 13:49:00
- I reported this as a bug in March. The status was "Attached to Defect" so it is likely a known bug. ...2011.05.04 13:43:00
- I've always gotten a chuckle out of this one ... then again, I'm an engineer. :)The Knack ...http:// ...2011.04.06 13:13:00
- Edited by: Traska Gannel on 05/04/2011 15:08:42 The standing required to use an agent with level L ...2011.04.05 15:08:00
- Dear CCP Greyscale, I just wanted to comment on some of the ideas you presented. 1) Your first point ...2011.04.01 22:25:00
- Although the basic idea of making the lower true sec systems more valuable and attractive is a good ...2011.03.27 14:23:00
- Your best bet is to start by working for a corp other than Caldari Navy. After that, there are sever ...2011.03.15 19:47:00
- Can there be an indication of how long an incursion will last? Recently our 0.0 constellation was ta ...2011.03.01 16:19:00
- The increase (and decrease) in standings is calculated based on the difference from your current sta ...2011.02.02 21:50:00
- I'll bump too since I know of several systems in Detorid where the Pirate Entrapment Arrays and Surv ...2011.01.13 01:57:00
- Most of the SOE arc is trivial in a decently skilled Assault Frigate. If I recall correctly there is ...2010.12.14 15:48:00

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