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- Thanks for replies, that explains the delay then. ...2009.09.04 14:44:00
- Have had a petition open for 4 days with no response, these used to be answered in a day.. what give ...2009.09.04 14:40:00
- Kill mails have not been sent via evemail for some time now.If you go to your character sheet in gam ...2009.03.15 19:55:00
- Hey yeah as I said, its a temporary fix that just allows you to skill, undock and move about etc so ...2009.03.11 21:47:00
- GeForce 6200 256MB DDR2 Is this compatible? ...2009.03.11 21:19:00
- Ah, come on! Tell me: do you still have your 6 yo mobile? Or clothes? 6 years old means having Pen ...2009.03.11 21:10:00
- Nvidia can put out some great cards, but they're also the most egregious offender when it comes to p ...2009.03.11 20:50:00
- Edited by: Vargrh on 11/03/2009 18:55:30 Edited by: Syndori on 11/03/2009 18:03:05 I'm really tire ...2009.03.11 18:52:00
- Edited by: Vargrh on 11/03/2009 11:32:30 settings work for ...2009.03.11 11:20:00
- Minimum requirements are for PC's that BARELY able to run the game. Barely does not mean 100fps, bar ...2009.03.11 10:41:00
- Guys/girls, I feel sorry for you, I really do. But you never should rely on God's blessing hand only ...2009.03.11 10:36:00
- Thanks for this ...2009.03.10 23:22:00
- Good luck with claiming the money back from your CC company...I think you will find that you paid fo ...2009.03.10 23:18:00
- I'm running a KR7A mother board with a geforce 3 ti200 (yes ancient I know)... and this turns out no ...2009.03.10 22:49:00
- Petition the Macro to CCP and in the time it takes them to deal with it (they probably won't), steal ...2009.03.10 17:08:00

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