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- Raven, obviously.Am i a troll yet? ...2007.11.08 16:23:00
- Is there any way to run in windowed mode without using the ingame settings? You know, some sort of c ...2007.10.22 19:36:00
- Because i damn well enjoy it. ...2007.10.17 15:21:00
- This topic is stupid, as if you don't know the shader model of your video card.At least, i think eve ...2007.10.17 10:04:00
- Edited by: Snaith on 16/10/2007 17:46:44 Posted in tiscali forums today quote "Update: Recent te ...2007.10.17 09:41:00
- Edited by: Agif on 17/10/2007 08:28:51 *snip* Please do not attempt to bypass the profanity filter ...2007.10.17 09:33:00
- Wrangler said if you live in the EU you should pay in Euros, but what if you live in an EU country t ...2007.10.17 09:10:00
- I was going to be repairing an old computer for my grandparents today, but i thought, nah, this arma ...2007.10.16 14:14:00
- I am 16, and subsequently do not pay for my connection, but my Dad does. I've brought the issue of c ...2007.10.16 12:16:00
- Yes, i just made a similar topic a few minutes ago because i've never been afflicted with the curse. ...2007.10.15 19:19:00
- I'm sincerely hoping it's not the latter. I can now understand the anger of everyone else, it's bloo ...2007.10.15 19:17:00
- I was just going to go on and set some skills to train, but my client is perpetually stuck checking ...2007.10.15 19:11:00
- I lol'd. I spend quite a bit of time in 0.4-3 systems, so this could make the future quite interesti ...2007.10.15 19:00:00
- Rules 1 and 2 go against human nature - greed. Everyone wants the most money, and the most money is ...2007.10.15 12:04:00
- Yes, nerfing is quite annoying. Rather than *****ing and crying about it and demanding it be nerfed, ...2007.10.15 11:43:00

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