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- I will totally come over and help you. Born in Port Elizabeth so I know the locals, my demands are s ...2011.07.06 14:23:00
- Have you finaly decided to come with me to Africa and make hot love among the roaring lions? ...2011.07.05 11:52:00
- Titans dont have cq ...2011.07.05 06:45:00
- The large ones are very nice, nothing to be scared of ...2011.07.05 06:43:00
- A project in South Africa i did some volunteering at, if you are interested in having a great trip a ...2011.07.04 16:43:00
- If you do missions together why not fly pvp fited ships and just kill those evil pvp'ers? Pvp is q ...2011.02.16 07:28:00
- Did angry german kid start playing eve?RAGE ...2011.02.07 08:35:00
- Edited by: Sjugar on 05/02/2011 17:05:39 i'm a bit curios as to the cargorig comment. I often use j ...2011.02.07 08:17:00
- Im mad!im mad that zakon left me, i miss our early mornings spooning in bed just enjoying our naked ...2011.02.03 07:47:00
- so.... nobody in America loves their holidays anymore?i gues there is'nt as manny americans in this ...2010.11.26 09:31:00
- link screenshots, kthnxbai ...2010.11.23 08:22:00
- burn them all ...2010.11.11 14:34:00
- 2003 here and there is a bunch of old grumpy ones in my alliance ...2010.11.11 14:00:00
- dont fly what you cant afford to loose ...2010.11.03 08:36:00
- Typing from cell. What is this exclusiveitem in the commissioned officer edition of eve at walmart. ...2010.11.02 14:14:00

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