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- have highsec divided by a strip of low-sec systems, and add reasons for players to go to one highsec ...2010.07.31 02:45:00
- Bump to make nullsec strictly better and more interesting ...2010.07.30 23:24:00
- Lol... I don't mean "when huge wars happen, combat mods increase in demand" when I say the geopoliti ...2010.07.30 03:18:00
- See, thats why some of these so and so's make me want to turn emo and cut myself. In this very threa ...2010.07.30 02:33:00
- article ...2010.07.30 02:10:00
- bumping until someone provides a substantial argument against it ...2010.07.29 23:06:00
- I like this. ...2010.07.29 06:42:00
- Your implying trade is a major part of whether this game is stagnant or not. I'm saying it is littl ...2010.07.29 06:14:00
- Ok, your opinion is the opposite of correct. Shuffling up everything would make the game even more s ...2010.07.29 04:38:00
- I love it when neckbeard man-children feel threatened by good ideas, so have nothing but ad hominems ...2010.07.29 02:06:00
- You can multiplayer whenever you want. It's not like WoW where you can just find a dungeon and get i ...2010.07.29 01:04:00
- very cool idea, but why not just make current supercaps dockable? ...2010.07.29 00:30:00
- very cool idea. I think it should have been like that at the start. It will make lowsec less barren ...2010.07.29 00:11:00
- And how is that relevant? The point i regional diversification and an impetus for sov warfare. The j ...2010.07.28 23:00:00
- +1.I am strongly against homogenization, different regions should have meaning.Here is an idea on si ...2010.07.28 21:37:00

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