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- Can't find any anywhere. Hundreds of thousands of Mimirs available throughout the universe, but not ...2010.12.19 06:32:00
- OP is correct. The ruppy has some very inconspicuous blue blinky lights all over it.Look closely, an ...2010.12.18 09:03:00
- Flew around lowsec in an Ishkur for three days. On the second day, got baited and died. On the thi ...2010.12.13 06:23:00
- I suggest you start with an omen and work your way up from there. Harbinger is also a good choice. L ...2010.12.13 05:04:00
- All current bounties are reset, and paid into the wallets of those who placed the bounties. Further ...2010.12.12 06:42:00
- Quit being so defensive.I am /not/ lobbying for a dramiel nerf. I'm just saying people will be reluc ...2010.12.11 14:40:00
- Edited by: OT Smithers on 17/11/2010 22:53:20 Rifter.Oh wait, you said Gallente. Ishkur then.But Ri ...2010.12.11 13:19:00
- The biggest problem with the Dramiel is that you get far fewer fights because of its reputation. Peo ...2010.12.08 11:44:00
- I have determined via critical in-depth analysis of the situation, and subsequent calculations, that ...2010.12.08 10:05:00
- I think all BS weapons should have damage boosted by 15 - 25%.Messing with lock times, agility, and ...2010.12.08 04:21:00
- Man oh man, I would love to join such a corp with my main, then pwn ratters who think I'm an anti-bo ...2010.12.07 16:12:00
- I am in the same boat... err, thread...Account reactivations happened daily for a few days up until ...2010.12.07 16:09:00
- Drop the Tractor beam bonus and give it a sensor strength bonus. ...2010.12.07 05:10:00
- Most modern games come with some kind of Achievement system. Most modern games gamesWhy are you ma ...2010.12.06 13:51:00
- If the buy order falls through, you still have your goods.What if the buy order was legit, but someo ...2010.12.06 09:49:00

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