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- Aussies in Eve? Unsubstantiated rumors!They all rage-quit once they realize their evening play sessi ...2010.03.25 11:03:00
- Edited by: Tradella on 21/02/2010 15:41:11 Read what Kerfira actually wrote. There is no disguise. ...2010.02.21 15:39:00
- stuffI hope I have addressed most of that in my previous post. ;) ...2010.02.21 15:21:00
- Read what Kerfira actually wrote. There is no disguise. He openly states that he thinks lvl 4 missi ...2010.02.21 15:04:00
- Edited by: Tradella on 21/02/2010 12:31:21 *Yawn* - another "nerf high sec mission running" thread ...2010.02.21 12:22:00
- There is not enough attention for this thread. The future owner shall bleed! ...2009.10.16 15:54:00
- Pregnant girlfriend? Your life is over anyway, dude... ...2008.06.29 10:06:00
- Desync. For some reason your client did not have the ships on grid while the server had them in rang ...2008.06.29 09:45:00
- You know why all the other MMOs have things like waypoints, instant travel to, portals, etc.? Oh, no ...2008.06.27 17:21:00
- The role of a HAC is to be a nano ship.It is more expensive than a BS, can be fitted for similar tan ...2008.06.23 12:57:00
- What an accomplishment! Oh, wait... ...2008.06.22 11:25:00
- The remaining GTC for 375m to "Minesome", please. ...2008.06.01 05:56:00
- In cases where the cap is not even in sight the removal should not have much influence whatsoever. ...2008.05.28 15:34:00
- I did miss a not, and we do have a price index. We know that no matter what happens trit will never ...2008.05.28 15:19:00
- This does however change the fact that the average price of limited goods have risen over time. Such ...2008.05.28 14:27:00

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