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- An Immidiate Order from the Empire: You have been recalled to serve as a slave. Reason: Defective ...2003.09.13 21:15:00
- set your self up with hyrbrid weapons. Since you get a damage bonus for them. if you want close rang ...2003.09.13 20:40:00
- When you are travelling at 2 au/second in warp, the effective time for the person warping should be ...2003.09.11 21:03:00
- Maybe you're right. In that case, slowing down from warp should only take... i dont know, maybe 10 y ...2003.09.11 21:00:00
- Edited by: Golgomath on 06/09/2003 15:52:53 Two frigates, burning streaks in the atmosphere long ...2003.09.06 15:52:00
- In eve, to slow down you deactivate your engines. As there is no friction in space this is highly un ...2003.09.06 15:50:00
- test ...2003.09.06 12:58:00
- avatar test ...2003.09.06 03:58:00
- how do you 'trade' shares? they arent physical..however i know you can turn isk into cash to put it ...2003.09.05 23:02:00
- Whats the best cruiser for combat? I'm amarr but i dont care if i have to switch to a different race ...2003.09.05 22:05:00

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