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- People in favor are a lot less likely to come post about it.Then lets have PLEX for remaps. ...2011.03.31 23:41:00
- This change has greater effect on new people. I've only been playing a few months and this is going ...2011.03.31 23:36:00
- actually according to GM stardust this thread is 50% for 50% against. (sarcasm off.) I want some of ...2011.03.31 23:14:00
- Edited by: Jennifer Gemini on 31/03/2011 22:54:56 Thread is just short of 70 pages, each page has 3 ...2011.03.31 22:52:00
- Why was there no mass test of this? It seems it's going in on April 5th but I've heard no mention of ...2011.03.31 11:15:00
- Edited by: Jennifer Gemini on 30/03/2011 21:51:24 CCP -- sorry. You messed up on this one. Really, ...2011.03.30 21:51:00
- You are forcing people out from 0.0 back to the empire to do missions QFTL4 missions are already ne ...2011.03.30 18:28:00
- No, seriously though. Virtually all the people crying about how this change will "ruin PvP" or whate ...2011.03.30 18:08:00
- Tell me my dear whiners. Can you prove that you actully PVP or just calling a lame gatecamp somewher ...2011.03.30 17:53:00
- If too many people run level 4s, all level four agents should offer poor payout.For force projection ...2011.03.30 12:30:00
- Lv4's becoming dynamic is just gonna make poeopel move round a bit. or train social skills and not c ...2011.03.30 12:19:00
- As a single feature change, yes, this will largely will have no effect on ISK generation. However, ...2011.03.30 12:13:00
- Edited by: Christopher AET on 30/03/2011 11:53:50 To be honest I find the dev reply more than a lit ...2011.03.30 11:59:00
- Edited by: Evelgrivion on 30/03/2011 11:29:47 No. I'm not giving it away. It's gonna rot on my acco ...2011.03.30 11:47:00
- Subscription successfully cancelledClick here to continuex5 enjoy o7Can I have your stuff?No. I'm no ...2011.03.30 11:24:00

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