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- I like the thread title. Sounds like a Morrisey song. Or perhaps Paradise Lost. ...2010.01.28 04:26:00
- Very interesting interview. At the very least I appreciated the guy's complete honesty and openness ...2010.01.20 18:24:00
- There needs to be a popcorn eating emote, since this is one of the better threads I have read in a w ...2009.12.22 20:20:00
- Do not have to remove insurance, merely remove it from self destruct and being concordokkened which ...2009.12.22 20:11:00
- Yup, it dowsn't show the skillpoints of any partially trained skills. My skillpoints are missing abo ...2009.12.05 10:51:00
- Edited by: Rhanna Khurin on 05/12/2009 09:50:03 Edited by: Rhanna Khurin on 05/12/2009 09:49:44 Ca ...2009.12.05 09:48:00
- I like all of them. ...2009.12.05 07:46:00
- live underground? ...2009.12.05 06:08:00
- Angryinch becomes.... An Cry NighRhatar Khurin becomes... Hair Hark RuntTeen thinker Sin! ...2009.12.05 04:52:00
- You are aware you can make a one man corp just for you and your alts? If you get wardecced it isn't ...2009.12.05 04:00:00
- Perhaps those cans floating about were not actually dropped by the pirates, merely the contents of t ...2009.12.05 03:55:00
- Can the OP get banned for mentioning "it" as whwn i saw the thread title i was givine the mental ima ...2009.12.05 03:37:00
- Can these hub things not be built in facilities close to the system they are to be deployed? Or do t ...2009.12.03 11:15:00
- About 2 hours ago when i lost a Breacher to a Navy slicer during a FW mission. ...2009.12.03 11:06:00
- What's so bad about asking everyone to goto the Dominion feedback thread instead of spamming gen dis ...2009.12.03 10:18:00

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