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- The corp I am currently in is in a war, however I am in a fleet with a friend of mine(who is not in ...2011.06.09 04:51:00
- I am not the most tech savy dude out there, so it most likely is me, rather than EVE. However, some ...2011.06.07 18:30:00
- subject. ...2011.06.06 02:26:00
- All of my SP is combat. I'm looking for a very, VERY active corp that enjoys the taste of tears. Sin ...2011.06.05 00:04:00
- My Questions are.... So will I need to set a new orbit range now, to achieve a proper DPS? Is sha ...2010.07.11 21:23:00
- Edited by: Prophet Alias on 11/07/2010 21:13:06 Now if I begin to train sharpshooting, let's say to ...2010.07.11 21:12:00
- Still looking. BTW US TZ (MST / -7GM) ...2010.07.11 15:24:00
- Still lookingI know since I am new I am being overlooked here, but I have taken down PVP Frigs, Crus ...2010.07.11 07:38:00
- Edited by: Prophet Alias on 11/07/2010 01:50:22 Ok, straight to the point here...What I offer to yo ...2010.07.11 01:50:00
- "Jim, this really isn't the time to be trying to sell me sex toys, OK?" ...2010.07.11 00:12:00

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