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- Edited by: Ch''ryl on 02/10/2007 13:28:31 wtz is crazy, shuttles are invincible as are most small s ...2007.10.02 13:22:00
- A lonng time ago, I was a third of a pirating trio, along with Elisium Dammar and Tank CEO. Only las ...2007.09.28 18:22:00
- Long and wordy monologue about the misconceptions from both sides of the PvP fence.Followed by a res ...2007.09.11 23:12:00
- Congratulations Lianhaun, on a well-deserved win And thanks to the organisers of the competition, an ...2003.12.21 10:54:00
- I don't know why everyone is suddenly in shock over this. The devs said about 3 months ago that the ...2003.12.11 12:26:00
- 1 merlin to gate guns before I worked out missile splash damage was. 1 merlin and pod to a guy in a ...2003.12.10 14:27:00
- Edited by: Ch'ryl on 09/12/2003 14:56:48 Because love alone is not enoughMy entry ...2003.12.09 14:56:00
- deep down. He loved her, in his way, but she would never be anything more than a Minmatar in his ey ...2003.12.09 14:54:00
- Edited by: Ch'ryl on 09/12/2003 14:58:05 Mina placed the bracelet around her wrist, flinching as th ...2003.12.09 14:53:00
- Regardles of how long you've played the game, if you haven't had any experience of courier missions ...2003.12.09 11:05:00
- I thought nig.ger was a slang term for the word negro, which in turn was a word invented by white me ...2003.12.08 16:29:00
- do you even know you spelled your name wrong or wouldnt it take "Antimatter"? =) lolwhat do u exp ...2003.12.08 14:37:00
- Edited by: Ch'ryl on 05/12/2003 09:09:17 Edit for double post. ...2003.12.05 09:08:00
- Yes it was incredibly laggy last night with lots of 'rubber banding'. I approached a station 3 time ...2003.12.05 09:02:00
- I remember Arcane Technologies UK trying that experiment in a belt in .3 space once. The idea was t ...2003.12.04 16:10:00

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