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- There is NO need for any anti-cloaking device.Cloaked ships cannot do anything. Cloaked ships are a ...2009.05.17 12:47:00
- So if i send you isk for ten tickets, you'll just keep it and never come back on the forums ...2009.05.16 22:55:00
- Edited by: Miss Shivarrr on 16/05/2009 22:31:47 Yep, its very clear isk was for the char mentioned ...2009.05.16 22:31:00
- I just tested this. You apparently can't re-cloak or use an MWD after the gate cloak for a few secon ...2009.05.14 17:43:00
- Im in. ...2009.05.14 15:21:00
- Have 1 with 3x Capacitor control circuit I. contact me ingame with offer if interested. thx. ...2009.05.13 16:59:00
- looking to sell Caldari Golem -Tech 2 Marauder .evemail preferred and ill contact u when in game.loo ...2009.05.11 10:35:00
- Ill offer 3b buyout ...2009.05.09 11:17:00
- Link works for me ...2009.05.09 11:15:00
- Edited by: Bodrul on 08/05/2009 14:43:56 you are one very very SAD individual that you need to ma ...2009.05.08 14:53:00
- He has these grandiose schemes where he wants to build an empire outside of EVE, for example the lot ...2009.05.08 14:39:00
- Just a friendly reminder for all to know that Bodrul (of the alliance the Honda Accord) is a scammer ...2009.05.08 14:29:00
- Edited by: Miss Shivarrr on 08/05/2009 14:26:02 no need to call our alliance crappy Miss Shivarr, j ...2009.05.08 14:25:00
- you are one very very SAD individual that you need to make a topic on a failed project of mineyou ...2009.05.08 14:24:00
- Edited by: Miss Shivarrr on 08/05/2009 08:53:42 Bodrul (within the crappy Honda Accord alliance) ha ...2009.05.08 08:42:00

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