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- I would be quite upset if 'raise your faction to 9.99' 'paintjob 10% extra armor included' offers ...2011.06.25 01:27:00
- OP really does have a point. The word that tradionally goes before "and pillage" is not a swear word ...2010.03.23 13:08:00
- Why not try getting a load of ships to Alentene or Tourier and join Red Vs Blue.I promise you'll hav ...2010.01.27 20:07:00
- er...I'm pretty sure I warned you. and already apologised. Is this not enough :( <sob> ...2010.01.24 03:07:00
- With all that experience and knowledge I couldn't hack a table let alone a website. My degree never ...2010.01.23 22:03:00
- Edited by: Lussac Trigalle on 23/01/2010 22:07:27 In advance: sorry for the wall of text (I am slig ...2010.01.23 21:36:00
- I'm not entirely sure that's true. You are what your job title says. A high school math teacher who ...2009.12.01 17:43:00
- Software Developer would be the normal term for someone who designs, implements & tests software. Pr ...2009.12.01 17:35:00
- But yeah "program analyst" here, though it's really "software engineer" like my last job, but this c ...2009.12.01 17:20:00
- the main thing, at least to me, is that if you're not playing your character actively, you should ...2009.08.22 20:39:00
- sorry cross posted - but this seems to be the place to comment & didn't see it util afterwards...I k ...2009.08.21 17:35:00
- I know some people will disagree with me but personally I think CCP have done a pretty good job with ...2009.08.21 16:54:00

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