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- Gotta love forum nerds. They feel so...accompished! ...2007.09.12 00:11:00
- Edited by: General Killah on 12/09/2007 00:10:15 Think he has a need to troll what is ob ...2007.09.12 00:08:00
- I forgot to mention, being norweigan makes her think things that aren't true...careful about that on ...2005.09.28 03:25:00
- Great PvP corp, almost as good as us Highly recommended!And to anyone who is about to critisize her ...2005.09.28 03:14:00
- You and VOC made the north fun, two of the VERY short list of PvP corps I respect. Thanks for the f ...2005.09.28 02:18:00
- LOL Stain should just be glad and accept it, BE would be a huge addition for them.Then again I don't ...2005.09.16 01:27:00
- Comeon people. ...2005.09.14 21:05:00
- Page 6 is VERY bad for business.Still open people. ...2005.09.13 04:27:00
- Yeah right, Im not allowed to use nude girls on my sigs! Lets start and revolution and burn the Devs ...2005.09.12 21:00:00
- *gives Khaerie love*I know EXACTLY what you mean. ...2005.09.12 02:28:00
- i like to say XB and IGS are uber pvpers and u guys are those stain will regret to set koskeep it up ...2005.09.12 02:24:00
- Edited by: General Killah on 14/09/2005 21:06:18 *bump* ...2005.09.12 01:15:00
- Edited by: General Killah on 14/09/2005 21:06:00 Very good price and delivery can be negotiated. ...2005.09.11 18:05:00

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