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- Hello,Just finished moving phpBB forum to new hosting and I'm having problems with avatars. I only ...2011.04.11 22:56:00
- So, that's what we did wrong :) We'll leave one rock in space next time.Do the ladar sites use the ...2011.03.18 10:57:00
- Edited by: P3k1 on 15/03/2011 23:21:47 UPDATE:So... my corp had a mining op. last night and cleaned ...2011.03.15 23:21:00
- There is one Croatian portal in development ATM, we hope to have it up and running by the end of thi ...2011.03.01 12:57:00
- Aha, tnx for your answers :)To sum thing up, all sites respawn in the same constalation. We haven't ...2011.02.28 23:16:00
- Q: My corp has mined out one GRAV site in out C2 WH. The site was active for 3 days, and some ore r ...2011.02.28 22:48:00
- Edited by: P3k1 on 20/01/2011 00:58:04 p3k1 reporting... PHP, Python, C, C# ... know a little bit o ...2011.01.20 00:57:00
- 1 to 10 turn around and still no feed backDon't like the idea that it's asking me to install somethi ...2010.12.29 15:05:00
- I'm interested in helping out if you need help on a project...Haven't looked closely at uploader cod ...2010.12.20 00:02:00
- Having said all that, it wouldn't stop most of the bots that are endemic to Eve anyway.Would changin ...2010.12.14 17:47:00
- Really good idea :) I don't think you can extract asked data through survey scanner. Is there an e ...2010.12.14 17:12:00
- Edited by: P3k1 on 14/12/2010 16:48:53 Encrypting every connection would cost a lot of cpu cycles a ...2010.12.14 16:41:00
- Edited by: P3k1 on 14/12/2010 16:30:59 I really don't know how bots work. But if they are injecting ...2010.12.14 16:16:00
- Edited by: P3k1 on 10/12/2010 11:09:17 Give me a 10-15 minutes... i have one linkTry this one: htt ...2010.12.10 11:07:00
- Edited by: P3k1 on 11/05/2010 09:33:09 I gave the code to a friend he added volume, price informati ...2010.05.11 09:20:00

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