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- anyhow, would anyone be a good chap and set a skill queue so we can check if it works during expansi ...2009.11.30 12:37:00
- Clearly games like WoW and DAoC and other online MMO had no issues with having more than 1 character ...2009.11.09 03:42:00
- Everyone wins.Except for CCP. See, when an online game add tells you that 117 million people are pl ...2009.11.09 03:21:00
- It's the Dominion Coming Soon banner, not the flash ...2009.11.08 21:21:00
- I've always considered Sporty to be the best singer of the 5. And I loved her, until I heard her tal ...2009.10.19 14:49:00
- HAve you tried calling them? ...2009.10.19 14:44:00
- However, CCP just a little touch of symmetry please!!! It would go a long way.Lots of ships in this ...2009.10.11 14:29:00
- Those were just examples. What I would like to see is just some symmetry and maybe for the ships no ...2009.10.11 13:47:00
- Actually, as it states2.You may not use your own or third-party software to modify any content appea ...2009.10.11 13:37:00
- Read it again, more specifically 7.A.2 ...2009.10.11 13:19:00
- Of course this is just a cosmetic thing and would be something only I could see (unless others insta ...2009.10.11 12:56:00
- I belive they need to be in same system ...2009.10.10 17:34:00
- Solo PVP Gank shipOh please ...2009.10.09 22:47:00
- Although I understand what you are saying, this was not a convention to gather potential investors o ...2009.10.09 21:30:00
- Bumpage ...2009.03.25 00:07:00

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