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- Edited by: Chislaki Valda''Q on 23/07/2011 17:27:45 stuff Learn to read. ...2011.07.23 17:27:00
- Probably because they are COPIES.this.</Thread> ...2011.07.14 13:59:00
- Edited by: Chislaki Valda''Q on 07/07/2011 06:27:27This speed test is meh. Reporting 78MBit/3,2Mbit ...2011.07.07 06:22:00
- The one with the official patch notes being "Don't undock"?Outdated information. I've undocked fine ...2011.05.30 06:43:00
- There we go again. Sisi is down for hours, but we get to look at the awesome new splash screen!stop ...2011.05.29 14:59:00
- What is with your HUD? It has a box around it.It's broken (flicker, sometimes there, sometimes not ...2011.05.28 07:57:00
- im using a mac....'nuff said ...2011.05.05 16:58:00
- probably one of the RAM sticks melted on ur harddrive broke? ...2011.03.11 20:32:00
- because it's Sisi and not TQ? ...2010.10.25 19:27:00
- I've got minnie industrials IV but have hesitated on going for a Prowler because it can't carry a T2 ...2010.05.02 09:50:00
- i don't think so.very simple: do your "testing" next time at a BF beakon. If the other dude shot ur ...2010.05.02 08:30:00
- I got BC5 for ages but lack of Performance coupled with cost is a Reason i never trained into any CS ...2010.03.27 10:06:00
- max run BPC give a 5 run copy (at least for large ones) ...2009.12.24 06:44:00
- Explain how it is possible to pull your ship apart with a crew inside it in the vacuum of space?this ...2009.05.09 17:16:00
- yaarrr gogogo my dear ...2009.05.06 17:37:00

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