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- Oh, i forgot. You can use to find systems close to your lo ...2008.07.02 08:26:00
- ...2008.07.02 08:19:00
- Edited by: Xparky on 02/07/2008 06:34:15 Im taking you are using the word "help" out of its usual c ...2008.07.02 06:34:00
- If you like salvaging you can help mission runners by salvaging their wrecks. You know, probe them d ...2008.07.02 06:26:00
- When you buy a dreadnought for 5 isk from an isk seller it's kinda obvious what you're doing.... ...2008.06.28 19:03:00
- Avoid all risks... But what if the situation has more reward for little more risk? Do I avoid that ...2008.06.28 05:26:00
- Easy. Do whatever you must to avoid all risks. Combat pvp, market pvp, any kind of pvp. People not w ...2008.06.28 05:13:00
- If you think about it, ppl that run missions in high sec are getting reward with 0 risk... espe ...2008.06.27 16:21:00
- one more spam thread will get you a warning. - Thanks Hutch. "\o/ ...2008.06.27 16:12:00
- Of course they support the idea and of course API keys don't need fixing from CCP's point of view. C ...2008.06.27 13:23:00
- Hi Lumari,You might want to check out Voltrian's blog on this. He's listed quite a few places of int ...2008.06.27 08:46:00
- In before Mitnal. ...2008.06.27 07:49:00
- No.The GTC buyers pay with earned ISK to play. There is no new ISK entering the game.If CCP would di ...2008.06.26 20:24:00
- This measure was introduced in revelations mate, either rev 1 or 2, but it isn't new.Build 53162 t ...2008.06.26 16:00:00
- Disco ships don't work 5km around gates (and the invisible box around them is already larger than th ...2008.06.26 15:51:00

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