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- just my 2 bitsWhy not have CCP have an NPC 'sell' a new design (art work but similar stats to curren ...2005.11.25 00:37:00
- try changing your color bit rate in graphics ...2004.05.03 18:23:00
- It would be helpful if corporations had more than 7 hangers. Why not 7 standard and then pay for mor ...2004.05.01 09:30:00
- CHEESE ...2004.04.26 21:29:00
- truncated content ...2004.04.25 16:58:00
- As some of you will know there is a cetain area in Sing Lasion that has Guristas Extinguishers. And ...2004.04.25 11:14:00
- CCP should give me 1 months free account for this. I have sorted the problem. Hit escape key, select ...2004.04.22 07:38:00
- Member of the black screen gang too. ...2004.04.21 21:55:00
- Getting exactly the same, waited for 1 hr 30 minutes and still nothing. ...2004.04.21 16:45:00
- An exit warp button would be better, in fact the abilitiy to warp at any type of objects would be ev ...2004.04.15 20:25:00
- I had a similar difficulty with them not being docked. Pertition and have then docked by a Dev. ...2004.04.13 22:56:00
- Although I honestly think everyone should have found the dev blogs by now..What about all the new pl ...2004.04.10 02:41:00
- Yes thats the 1. I find I never have the repackage problem with ships as I never repack them, unless ...2004.04.04 08:48:00
- Bognor, in Wales is nice ...2004.04.04 07:30:00
- I have had it explained before but when I repack items I always get the 'are you sure'. the is a way ...2004.04.03 23:51:00

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