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- I am trying the scanning thing and have a cosmic signatureHow do I improve on this ...2009.02.14 18:30:00
- Yeah but they couldn't afford the CGI to make buildings look ruined. Not that I'm defending the pro ...2008.12.03 16:14:00
- Edited by: Zaphroid Eulthran on 23/10/2008 23:03:41 Well ... the big question is:Will they use Jump ...2008.10.23 23:02:00
- bah stuck on handling nowMy solution to handling ...2008.08.22 18:44:00
- Edited by: Zaphroid Eulthran on 22/08/2008 17:14:45 Edited by: Zaphroid Eulthran on 22/08/2008 14:2 ...2008.08.22 14:28:00
- I though I completed it when I had got one to do the orbital problem but then there was a whole extr ...2008.08.22 13:20:00
- The Sweedish Chef and the Shrimp (He's a King Prawn OK?) ...2008.08.04 10:32:00
- Why are they getting super characters? Werent all the other alliance tournies done with player chara ...2008.07.29 19:39:00
- All this fuss is about having to put a DVD in your PC to play the game?Call me stupid (and someone ...2008.07.12 22:41:00
- Can someone explain to me how exactly securom is bad? It makes you insert DVDs/CDs like a trained ...2008.07.12 22:29:00
- For me this ship is not a responce to freighter ganking or any other downfall of freighters other th ...2008.07.11 11:29:00
- Im surprised there are any available, as they are always so short of them in that desert country. ...2008.07.07 22:39:00
- TRIVIA : name a country who doesn't have a national celebration day The United Kingdom, we gave th ...2008.07.04 11:10:00
- so wait.. oxygen isnt needed for ignition? never seems to amaze ceases on the idiots in eveMissile ...2008.06.30 10:24:00
- So you "lost" the mid sized freighter topic again I take it? ...2008.06.27 18:52:00

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