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- It always amazes me how many failures think their opinions matterop is dead wrongcourse there is re ...2010.01.09 13:53:00
- i have read the character transfer faq, but .....if i have two accounts, two chars in different cor ...2009.12.30 22:55:00
- Dear 12 year oldyou got banned for linking another radio stationyou also offended the people that go ...2009.12.28 12:42:00
- id prefer that you op, go back to wow and never post again. ...2009.12.28 03:34:00
- Get rid of the forums as they are only an outlet for whiners ...2009.12.17 10:03:00
- lifetime memberships are given out in last ditch attempt to save a game. eve isnt dying, so suck it ...2009.12.15 04:11:00
- Edited by: Gun Gal on 14/12/2009 21:58:47----------------------------------------------------------- ...2009.12.14 21:57:00
- Great, just what we need, yet another thread from someone who knows nothing of how 0.0 works, with ...2009.12.11 03:58:00
- you guys still dont frikin get it. its you that has to change, band together to move to 0.0 not thos ...2009.12.10 12:58:00
- If players want more migration to 0.0 then it must be achieved by the players themselves, which mean ...2009.12.09 12:36:00
- the problem is not with the game, but with you, dear pacafistic, riskless cretins.none of you whini ...2009.12.08 13:05:00
- or , how bout this...... SUCK IT UP BABY seriously, this has been in the3 works for the better part ...2009.12.08 12:59:00
- his fitting was very bad. face it, you have a 18 bill ship you should fit it accordingly. he didnt ...2009.12.07 12:51:00
- * inappropriate text removed - CCP Ildoge EVE is not for you. * inappropriate text removed - CCP ...2009.12.06 19:55:00
- How lame you are, OP. How pityful, maybe for jusst one sec, imagin that there are events, and oth ...2009.12.06 14:47:00

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