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- NO! ...2011.06.23 17:56:00
- Didn't read through 24 pages, but can the graphics of the new turret get a little bit brighter so th ...2011.06.23 16:47:00
- I dont mind the occasional jamming cycle but being jammed for almost 15min is getting tedious and is ...2011.04.25 10:13:00
- Few things: - Had I joined back then I probably wouldn't have stayed -- you might be like "Fine," b ...2011.03.30 17:42:00
- Dont know if shooting planetary targets with your dread is a future feature but if you want those fr ...2011.03.29 21:53:00
- Extra Outpost info added If im not mistaken that feature is already running.On the other hand what ...2011.03.29 21:37:00
- Estel Aradors Jumpclone service or something. As of recently not run by Estel anymore. ...2011.03.29 20:57:00
- Corp standings are also used for Jumpclones, Refining tax and Market fees. Faction standings are use ...2011.03.29 20:44:00
- Probably said (more then) a few times: Expected consequences Some alliances will immediately start ...2011.03.27 17:23:00
- So where does the Kitsune (fox) fit in the line-up? ...2011.01.16 11:00:00
- - Remove Tech 1 Meta 0 items from loot.- Saving fittings only work when they dont get deleted after ...2011.01.09 13:21:00
- C....i think. I know i use it more then the eve calendarThe calendar is the real absolete addition s ...2010.12.06 16:25:00
- You do know Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing increases the control range on all your drones, not ...2010.11.07 09:55:00
- That would be Azia Burgi or her alt corp Eve Cemetery. ...2010.11.06 14:50:00
- he might got stuck behind a corp roles timer which will take 24hrs ...2010.08.15 11:25:00

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