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- Character Transfered, I SOLD MY EVE DUDE! ...2011.06.30 22:51:00
- I am currently getting my security status high enough to go gank this guy, does he still **** around ...2011.06.29 13:22:00
- Also I'm a swinger, and the four of us would make a beautiful "team".this is as personal as it wil ...2011.01.11 23:47:00
- Get regions. **** molle. Smoke trees. ...2011.01.09 15:17:00
- 40b ISK really is nothing, we probably popped twice that in SBUs already ...2011.01.09 14:14:00
- post is ironic ...2011.01.01 02:57:00
- itt a lot of people getting trolled by Ranka Mei ...2010.11.26 12:32:00
- Joy. What next? Removing the crafting system and replacing it with a nice simple buy from NPC vendor ...2010.11.25 13:34:00
- Someone said they're losing 640k SP training per year under the new plan.640k SP / 5m SP reimburseme ...2010.11.25 13:30:00
- COAD BAN From: GODWIN Sent: 2010.11.16 06:45 To: Black Star Alliance, Hey All Due to some not ...2010.11.19 06:13:00
- Would it be inappropriate to ask which meatshield you will be using for this visit?WIdot and TESTyou ...2010.11.19 06:04:00
- Goonswarm Fed on the other hand consists largely of former Goonswarm members.kick btls ...2010.11.12 11:54:00
- No honoure~~ ...2010.11.03 06:21:00
- when ev0ke admitted defeat i broadcasted about it on jabber and linked the thread, holy crap conspir ...2010.10.30 21:34:00
- ElitistOps will be joining Test Alliance Please Ignore. Hope you guys like ratting in carriers! ...2010.10.27 20:52:00

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