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- i casted my vote for eve. This year as last time. ...2010.12.17 11:37:00
- I will vouch for Bret Caliaro as his CEO, though thats not neccesary... If you make a statement lik ...2009.12.20 13:18:00
- I will vouch for Bret Caliaro as his CEO, though thats not neccesary... Shares fly like hot ...2009.12.20 11:47:00
- No. Pwned, Hard. ...2009.09.02 09:35:00
- Edited by: Thuranni on 13/05/2009 15:25:14 The following is how you pronounce the ships' names in E ...2009.06.23 12:15:00
- A new program is always nice. Will be testing later, maybe tomorrow... Depends. ...2009.06.22 08:57:00
- Had a corp mining op this saturday... Stripped 2 belts and had at a third over a 4 hour span... In t ...2009.05.18 07:30:00
- Hmm, I never thought of that but I can certainly see that happening. Another option for isk launderi ...2009.05.05 12:30:00
- You have to trust your own number enough to leap off the edge and try. As said, there is no answer ...2009.04.27 17:11:00
- What? oh... WHAT? Original thoughts when i read through these 5 pages... Truly a uniqe mess. ...2009.04.27 07:57:00
- It limits outliers, such as your trades. ...2009.04.22 11:29:00
- Progress? Pretty please :p ...2009.04.21 07:39:00
- It's random, Some DT's there'll be many asteroids back in a previously empty belt, other DT's there' ...2009.03.30 09:18:00
- Good points have been made so far. But if you mine things yourself, please remember that ore you mi ...2009.03.30 09:15:00
- Funny stuff, removed Zonealarm ages ago... But obviously the engine was still running, blokcing EMMA ...2009.03.26 12:40:00

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